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Computer Networking

Integrate your business systems for greater efficiency and profits.

Benefits of Networking

The backbone to any business today, large or small, is their IT system and how well they are integrated together in order to meet their business needs. Ultimately, networking saves a business time and money.

Consider networking if the following applies to your business:

  • Multiple servers supporting your business
  • Multiple PCs at multiple locations
  • Different business systems on different PCs or servers
  • You are looking for a centralized secure drive for all of your data
  • You would like to have a centralized are for your email
  • You would like to backup all of your information in one place rather than on individual machines

Networking Services

We provide a range of services to meet your growing business challenges.

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Networking services include:

  • Design and installation of new networks
  • Repair and maintenance of existing networks
  • Exchange servers
  • Linux server support
  • Cloud implementation
  • Server upgrade and migration