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Cloud & Server Data Back-up

Protect the single most valuable business asset you have - information

Benefits of Data Back-up

Many businesses take for granted the information they use and acquire everyday. Information such as sales, inventory, accounts payable and recievables, logins and passwords, product and service codes, etc are all critical to everyday business operations.

Now imagine all the information gathered by your business year after year is no longer there the next day. This is a terrible scenario but it is happening everyday to businesses, who are being targeted by cyber scammers and thieves. Having a data recovery strategy means your business will be able to bounce back in the event of such an attack.

If the following applies then your business needs to consider our back-up and recovery services:

  • All your business information are kept on a single PC hard-drive or laptop
  • You manually back-up all your information to a single external hard-drive unit
  • You do not consistently backup up to your external hard-drive unit
  • All your information is housed in either a laptop, PC or external hard-drive that is older than 5 years
  • Your laptop or PC have crashed at least once before due to viruses or malware

Data Back-up & Recovery Services

We provide a range of services to protect and recover your business data. Contact us today to find out more.

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Data recovery and protection services include:

  • Cloud & server back-up
  • Automated system back-up daily and weekly
  • Disaster data recovery
  • Virus infection and Trojan removal
  • Network security intrusion detection and prevention
  • Remote diagnostic and repair of equipment